Innovation is hard work so you need the best tools. After years of research and dozens of case studies, those tools have been distilled into Evan Shellshear’s latest book.

Rowan Gibson

Bestselling author of Innovation to the Core and The 4 Lenses of Innovation

"Evan Shellshear gives us a thorough radar scan of the current state of innovation. He shows powerfully that innovation is now just as open and collaborative as the Internet itself, and - more importantly - he helps us fully understand and embrace this new innovation economy." 

Evan Shellshear is an innovation expert with years of experience in developing and selling products. He has worked with Forbes 500 companies producing solutions which were world leaders in their class. 

He has also founded and mentored numerous startups exploiting lean and agile principles. He works at the cutting edge of technology both commercializing and writing research papers on breakthrough technologies. 

He is an optimistic risk taker always with lots of projects on the go.

About the Author


Great companies can fail, even if they do everything right. 

Digital disruption is moving faster than ever, with reports that at current rates, 60% of the current S&P500 will be replaced in the next 7 years. 

Business processes are often built to execute existing processes, rather than explore disruption. Therefore, even the most established companies can get toppled by younger, faster moving startups. 

We help companies explore disruptive innovation successfully by giving them the right tools, skills and mindsets to move faster and make better decisions. 

Collective Campus gives companies the mindsets, methods and tools to help them explore new business models and disruptive innovation at a time when they need it most.


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